After searching far and wide for a bright orange nail varnish since I saw the picture below on Tumblr, I finally found one by Models Own called Fluro’ Orange. It’s great for Spring/Summer 2012 because fluro/neon is one of the big trends this season, you can read more on how to wear neons this summer at Grazia.

What is it? Models Own Fluro’ Orange Nail Polish, £5 from Models Own & Asos

The consistency of the nail polish isn’t too thick nor too thin, I find that really cheap nail polishes turn out really thin and you have to apply ten billion layers before being remotely satisfied. I could have applied just one layer of Models Own Fluro’ Orange because it was quite thick on the nail but I decided to apply another purely out of habit and fear that one layer is too thin that it will chip easily. Overall, it came out fine and the colour turned out a bit thicker which is great too! The only issue is that when it dries it comes out matte, it still looked nice but I preferred it shiny so I went over it with a top coat.
I coloured my nails two days ago and so far so good! No chips or anything. I absolutely love the colour and it somehow makes my skin look slightly darker so I look like I have a darker natural tan which is always a bonus!
Overall verdict:
I’m really pleased with the results as I love the colour and the consistency of the polish, the only issue may be that it does start to wear after a few days, I’ve used it quite a few times now and the wear varies between 4 to 7 days before it starts to chip. However, I definitely would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a bright orange fix!
This picture was taken two days after first painting them. The picture makes the nail varnish look slightly darker but in reality it is a lot brighter.

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